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I have such fond memories of him from the very early days of @IPE_UofSC, and his incredible support. Kudos to @UofSC in securing an incredible leader for the university (way better than the last mistake) and genuine thanks to @HarrisPastides for filling the gap. #forevertothee
Welcome back President Amiridis! DYK that President Amiridis started #IPE at the @UofSC when he was president? We look forward to working with you to expand #IPE #IPP!
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<Breaking> We have added an ICU module to our Covid-19 Hospital Capacity Circuit Breaker Dashboard. 🟧=12 states projected to exceed ICU capacity in next 7 days unless conditions change. 🟪=18 unsustainable (headed towards orange category) Explore:…
Even though we’re almost a year into giving #covid19 vaccines @RIFreeClinic it is still a great feeling when someone comes in for their first dose. We’re up to 8 fist doses today (along with a LOT of boosters) and we’ve got 2.5 hours to go! Walk-ins welcome! (Old St. Joes lobby)
Update! 64 total doses given, and incredibly 19!!! First doses! Many of the first dose folks were nervous and afraid of being judged for waiting, we tried to make each one a celebration
So, it was remarkable today. Usually @CityofProv totally ignores the hospital district when it comes to plowing. This morning I was floored to see plows actively clearing the area @ 6am. @Jorge_Elorza , if you suddenly found it in your heart to care for hospital staff, thank you!
“Raw, exposed nerves and deadened scar tissue…” that pretty much sums it up
There’s a ghost on the corner of 3rd and Broadway I noticed him the other day, as I made a left turn at the light. He wasn’t there a week ago. He must be new. Nobody I recognize, but then again, his face is blurry and indistinct. I look at him now, and I drive past. 1/
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This snowstorm is going to shut down half of Boston in a way that Covid never would these days. The <one day> impact on decreased spread on a Friday at this juncture could literally keep Boston hospitals from overflowing next week. Talk about fate taking a hand…
NYE at home with ONE fully boosted friend, after negative rapid tests for all. Please stay safe, get vaccinated and wear masks. Thanks a bunch to #bayberrygarden for the apps and dinner to go! May 2022 be better, somehow…
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CDC now shows every U.S. state as having high levels of COVID-19 transmission
1 yr ago today, the morning after an admitting shift as we were so strapped for staff (seeing mult covid patients) I had tears of relief after getting my 1st dose of Covid vaccine. I had hope for a better 2021 then, but sadly underestimated how many care so little for others
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I've worked on infectious disease outbreaks for 30 years. I've NEVER seen anything like the speed of Omicron. It's as infectious as measles spreading in a non-immune population, with a much shorter incubation time therefore much faster doubling time. Hope it's a lot less severe.
We are all waiting and are so excited for these results. Your PDs/APDs share your anticipation and are in awe of your hard work. We promise that our singular focus at 12:00pm tomorrow is finding out the results of your match. So very proud of our @BrownIMRes residents!
Wishing all fellowship applicants a great match results tomorrow! Especially, our amazing seniors at @BrownIMRes You all worked hard for this, and you earned it! @DominickTammaro @RossHilliard @KellyMcGarry10 @s_catanese #MedTwitter #match2022 #GITwitter #ACP @Inside_TheMatch
Wishing all a very Happy #Thanksgiving . I am especially great full to the awesome teams of @BrownIMRes housestaff working at our hospitals today. Wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to work with taking care of patients on the holiday. Thanks for your diligent care! #grateful
You’re not going to want to miss this! A very thoughtful reboot by the incredible @ACPinternists staff. Go sign up!
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One of the best grand rounds I’ve seen. Thanks so much for the thoughtful presentation @StephenPorder! @BrownIMRes
Both elegant and sobering, important @BrownMedicine Grand Rounds presentation this morning from @StephenPorder of @BrownUniversity on what physicians need to know about climate change and health - and what we must do to avert the coming crisis